Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Back to School Basics for Healthy Kids
The school year has just begun here in northern Nevada, and that brings all sorts of changes to the lives of kids and their parents. School nights, homework, eating lunch and snacks at school. As parents, we all want to see our children healthy, growing, and thriving in all that they do. It is easy to forget the privilege and influence we have in our children’s lives amidst the busyness of life.
As providers in the dental healthcare field, we strongly believe that dental health is an essential component to overall health and well-being. For our kids, if they have untreated dental problems, it is nearly impossible for them to be healthy and thriving. Dental pain can cause kids to miss school or have difficulty concentrating while they are at school. It can also cause trouble speaking, chewing, and swallowing.
The good news—dental problems in kids are almost entirely preventable.  We can teach our kids good dental health habits now and we will be giving them healthy habits that last their entire lives.
Shop Smart
Diet plays a primary role in keeping kids’ teeth healthy. Fruits, vegetables, cheese, yogurt, whole grains, and other proteins such as lean meat are all essential for a complete and balanced diet. Soda, excessive fruit juice, fruit snacks, and other sugary foods will eventually cause dental problems and other health issues as well.  The bottom line—buy healthy food for your family, and save the soda and juice for special occasions like birthday parties.
Form Good Habits
Back to school time is the perfect opportunity to get back into healthy habits.  As parents, we know that our kids model our behavior, for better or worse. Enjoy the time with your kids helping make their lunches the night before school. Brush teeth together before going to work or school, and before bedtime.  Turn off the television, go outside, play sports together—your kids will thank you for spending quality time with them and showing them healthy habits.

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